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Mishaal Ashemimry – Aerospace Engineer and Founder of MISHAAL Aerospace

Mishaal Ashemimry is a Saudi-American Aerospace Engineer, Aerospace Entrepreneur, speaker and influencer, who was born in the US and spent a few years of her early life in Saudi, where her fascination with space started.  More specifically, she was inspired at the age of six while gazing at the stars in the Unayzah desert. To feed her curiosity, she decided to learn how to build space vehicles that will enable her to explore space and one day take her there.

As the First female aerospace engineer in the GCC, she realized that this title comes with an enormous responsibility to inspire others to join her field as well as other STEM programs. To reach the youth, she used social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube to educate her follower about her field, experiences, and to inspire them to have a dream and perseverance to pursue it. As a result, she became a public figure and speaker at many events in the GCC and globally. 

Currently, Ashemimry is a consultant in her field. Moreover, she is living her passion everyday by educating and inspiring others through conferences, webinars and her social media channels. While based in Miami, Florida, she founded MISHAAL Aerospace at age 26, to pursue her ultimate dream of building rockets. Her company’s objective was to design and build their own rockets to launch small satellites (500 kg) or less to Low Earth Orbit. Previously, she worked for Raytheon Missile Systems’ Aerodynamics Department and contributed to twenty-two different rocket programs. Her professional experience and areas of expertise include: aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing, vehicle design, predictive simulation and analysis and rocket stage-separation analysis, with a strong focus on computational tool development.

She earned a Master of Science Degree in Aerospace Engi­neering from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, and two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Aerospace Engineering and in Applied Mathematics, also from Florida Institute of Technology. Her academic focus included: experimental and analyti­cal aerodynamics, rocket design and nuclear thermal propulsion.


CONSULTING | Paris, France

November 2015 - Present

  • Consult on matters related to rockets


President & CEO | Aerospace Engineer
May 2010– November 2015

  • Started my own aerospace company
  • Developed launch vehicles (rockets) dedicated to the launch of small satellites (<=500kg) to orbit
  • Design, develop and launch our own line of rockets: the M-Rocket Series
  • Successfully completing our first static test of the M-SV hybrid rocket propulsion system
  • Worked together with potential clients and received several Letters of Intent to launch their satellites
  • Put company on hold, until new investors are found

RAYTHEON MISSILE SYSTEMS | Aerodynamics Department | Tucson, Arizona

Systems Engineer II  
June 2008–April 2010

  • Planned, conducted, and analyzed data from wind tunnel tests
  • Wrote pre- and post-test reports and statements of work for model vendors and wind tunnels
  • Wrote computer programs to read and process wind tunnel data
  • Created math models of missile aerodynamic data for autopilot, control, and structural analysis
  • Developed aerodynamic models for 3- and 6-degree-of-freedom trajectory simulation
  • Created code wrappers and modules to run prediction codes and predict missile performance
  • Assessed effects of model-configuration changes on vehicle aerodynamics
  • Improved existing computational tools and made them more robust and generic

FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY | Mechanical and Aerospace Department | Melbourne, Florida

Graduate Teaching Assistant to Dr. Chelakara Subramanian
August–December 2007

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

  • Studied impinging jets and employed flow-visualization techniques
  • Determined major and minor losses in channel bends

Experimental Aerodynamics Laboratory

  • Ran boundary layer experiments in a wind tunnel
  • Experimented with a shock tube
  • Determined the pressure distribution over a cylinder and evaluated airfoil performance
  • Quantified drag by conducting a wake survey

FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY | Mechanical and Aerospace Department| Melbourne, Florida

Graduate Research Assistant to Dr. Daniel Kirk
 August 2006–December 2007                                                             

  • Research conducted for and funded by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Created analytical and idealized models of NERVA-type reactors
  • Analyzed a novel grooved-ring reactor concept for nuclear thermal propulsion
  • Developed analytical models for that reactor, based on a NASA power-density model
  • Optimized reactor design geometry to reduce thermal gradients and improve performance
  • Investigated properties of para- and ortho-hydrogen
  • Inspirational woman of the year 2015 | ARAB WOMAN AWARDS
  • Awarded the Outstanding Senior Award in Aerospace Engineering, 2005–2006

  • Awarded the Outstanding Junior Award in Aerospace Engineering, 2004–2005

  • Awarded Florida Tech grants, 2003–2005

  • Awarded four Florida Tech Faculty Scholarships, 2002–2005

  • Awarded four Florida Medallion Scholarships, 2002–2005


Masters of Science, Aerospace Engineering

Florida Institute of Technology
2006 - 2007

  • Research: Analyzed and re-designed a grooved-ring reactor concept for NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.
  • Thesis: "Analysis of a Grooved-Ring Reactor Concept for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion".   View publication abstract

Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering

Florida Institute of Technology
2002 - 2006

  • Awarded the Outstanding Junior Award in Aerospace Engineering, 2004-2005.
  • Awarded the Outstanding Senior Award in Aerospace Engineering, 2005-2006.

Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics

Florida Institute of Technology
2002 - 2006

  • Activities and Societies: President and Founder of Infinity Math Club in 2004.